Monday, September 07, 2009

There's an elephant in my cup

I don't often get to drink Turkish coffee. However, I find the art of coffee cup reading fascinating. I was on the phone this afternoon, and there it was (in the remains of my hot chocolate) -an elephant. I speedily finished the call, and like a loser grabbed for the camera phone. By this time some of the white gaps had merged a bit, so what you see here isn't as great as what I saw. Not bad though.

So I looked up what this symbol might mean as lets be honest, the internet has a quick answer for everything.

Surprisingly, nothing on elephants, but fish, in general, indicate good fortune, a lump sum of money. The dolphin is a big fish-so a much bigger lump sum of money!

You can also, observe other symbols or signs around it, they are supposedly linked to work, or travel. Consider where it is positioned in a cup. Nearer to the handle your luck may be in sooner. Also, nearer the rim is earlier rather later (away from the handle, or further down the bottom of the cup).

Have a look here, for more symbols and their meanings, and next time delve into the foam remains of your's fun.


  1. Nice one spotting that! It's funny how the human eye loves to pick up patterns, faces in things, shapes that resemble animals and objects. It's as if we're wired up to make sense out of even arbitrary things.

  2. Wild...but great imagination! It's actually fun to let you mind wander like this sometimes....and then there are times, when it even surprises us with what it comes up with :)