Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I don't know much about Teesside University, but I do know that I enjoy these adverts that I caught sight of tonight. It's not just the 'cat is cute, I want to squeeze it' aspect, for me, it really fulfills it's aim. It's simple, it's effective, the concept and slogan are sharp and work. At a minimal 22secs, these adverts max out their message in terms of time constraint. The soundtrack is perfectly fitting. Well done, if I didn't love Leeds, I'd be looking you up Tees.

The above are amazing improvements compared to this:

Please take it away!

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  1. I agree totally! The one posted just above is standard , what you expect from an advert for a university.

    The new ones are genius, I love it, the slogan is straight talking, I think their new campaign will definitely cause a stir.