Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Killer of a good play

Students at Leeds Uni may have also found out during last week's Fresher's Fair, that if your under 26, your entitled to see 6 free theatre productions. So, I got in quick and took full advantage with 'Dial M For Murder'.

(Above) Aislin McGuckin as Margot Wenice

This is Frederick Knott's first, and arguably most successful play. His legendary movie directing skills inevitably haunt the production, but I believe it to be extremely well written, and the performance caught both its essence and energy. Lucy Bailey, who is said to be 'highly visual with her theatrical concept', was in charge of staging the show, and this was evident judging how tense and thrilled the entire audience appeared to be throughout. One thing both my friend and I noted was the subtext, how the characters appeared to be saying one thing, whilst meaning another -not only making for a great play, but also a solid challenge for the authors.

On at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Quarry Hill, Leeds until Oct 3rd.
7.45pm, call 0113 2137700

Do it. It's free.

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