Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just me?

I really can't understand why this is the case, and secondly why I feel the need to share it quite so badly. But this roadwork just down a side road in Headingly, Leeds, looks like nothing other than a giant biro pen rammed into the ground! I realise it's just the end of an exposed gas pipe, but I can't see it. Just shows how you can get a mental block on something so silly, kind of like a trick of the eye..maybe!? (I seem to be making a habit of creating these images-wild imagination)

Wondering if anyone else immediately sees anything like the same thing? I wanted to find apicture of the particular pen I mean, but it's proving hard to find. Think they are the WHSmith own make ones -this exact colour with that round yellow capped end, they try to imitate the bic. I used to use them in Secondary School, perhaps this is why I have such a strong association.

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