Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 Working Space

Her work is based on the theme of the human individual. An exploration of diversity within similarity. As far as I take her work, it glances at construction and interpretation of identity. She clearly combines Post Modern ideas of a single person's visual appearance.

This body of art is in the classical portrait medium of oil paint. For me, it does serve to question the value of a portrait. What is the value of a portrait today in light of new and ever more accessible technologies? Why is this art type still present and why is it necessary?

Shelley Hughes was one of four artists at the MA Fine Art Exhibition I visited in Lancaster at the Peter Scott Gallery during my A-levels (Sept 2006).

The four artists took four lines of enquiry, combining four different disciplines, but, within one working space. They each unavoidably connected with ideas at tangents from their own, enhancing and broadening their practices until a kind of coherence emerged.

One single working space=effective and productive for the subconscious sharing of research and information.
Technical, but true.

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