Friday, August 14, 2009

Basia Zarzycka

Anyone that knows me personally is aware of my deep and passionate love of anything that is...a heel. They have to be just right; the right point, the right heel, the right feel. Well, these are just the ultimate from London based, BASIA ZARZYCKA. She is inspired by the carnivals in Venice, Baroque and Rococo paintings, among many many others.
I am only aware of her spectacularly unique designs because a very stylish friend bought me a gorgeous calendar with a huge picture for me to enjoy every month of the year. It was impossible for me to even pick a favourite, so I behaved myself and didn't turn the page early.

Her beautifully decorated shoes are elegant and timeless as fashion accessories. Each pair is hand crafted and 100% exclusive. Zarzycka has created unique pieces of art, using her inspirations to add enchantment and fairytale into her work. She has a clear love for detail, which is expertly applied to each and every pair of shoes.
(Above) Floral Garden Beaded Court Shoes £1695,00

A Romantic colourful pair of fantasy court shoes embellished with sculpted bead flowers and fauna,in an asymmetrical design, using bohemian glass beads Swarovski crystals.

Her signature bridal collection is embellished with tiny silk flowers, silk petals and leaves, ribbon work, pearls, Swarovski crystals and fashion jewellery. These have been meticulously applied by hand. Judith Miller book called ‘Shoes’ feature Basia Zarzycka shoes and her own private collection of antique footwear.

A quote from the website which I particularly remember:
'A kaleidoscope of colours and texture. A luxury rainbow jewel box of fantasy and indulgence"

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