Saturday, August 29, 2009

Car boot

If this looks a little junky, it will because it's taken at a car boot. Student. Desperate measures. My sister and I decided to try our luck at selling some of the hundred items of clothing we had discarded over the years. Most were next to perfect, so it seemed silly to leave them cluttering up the house. Off we went with our bags, earrings, shoes, coats went down well the first time, although it got rained off within the hour, I made £53 and my sister, £48.

After this, it's safe to say we got pretty inspired (most of this you won't see from the image), but our stall expanded across quite a distance. We bagged up all our jewellery into cute little customised sequined transparent bags, with a small tempter description and price label. We made use of everything and anything we were selling to advertise our stock. Then we went all for it, separating clothes into day-wear, evening-wear, retro etc boxes. We let loose on expanses of white card with chunky colourful marker pens. The response was so much better the second time around... I won't mention figures, everyone will think I'm rich.

What I essentially realised, was that even the smallest attempt to employ a design mind, in this case, really helped attract, inform and make money! Immediately people knew prices, what we were selling and where we were. The various signs made the whole process user friendly and inviting. Even adding a simple couple of decorative hand-drawn flowers round the words 'vintage'...brought the buyers flocking. It was if, because of these illustrations, people were instantly convinced -be it impulse buy or not.

Immense fun, keeps your artistic side in check, and ideal for making some quick cash. A summer must-do (if you can get the weather). I'm going back tomorrow!

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  1. This was NOT my experience when I attended a car boot sale, though yes I employed many of the same tactics you used, I actually managed to loose money! the price of my space plus the crispy cakes I felt obligated to buy from the little old lady actually came to more than i made...Great