Friday, August 14, 2009

Lichfield Cathedral

There isn't much I could tell you about this, that wouldn't be more accurate than coming direct from Lichfield Cathedral's own dedicated website. Not being a massive one for History, it was more the stunning craftsmanship and architectural splendor that enthused me. I took a visit to Staffordshire on the train recently whilst my boyfriend was visiting. He studies Civil Engineering, and so the trip was beneficial for the both of us.

There is a lengthy timeline of events that involves this place of worship. Parts of it survived the Civil War, and at present, there are vast restoration projects underway. The detail of the building, were ones that cannot be done justice through photographs. I wanted to step right up to the almost microscopic carvings, and follow the texture of the stone work...but felt a little guilty doing so when the closest person was standing an intentional 3ft gap away.

The choir were singing as we walked round, which was no act or deliberate attempt to show-off, it was a genuine insight into the rituals of this cathedral. As we would expect, the interior was beautiful, absolutely every nook and cranny was packed with character and symbolism.

Admission was free, although the visitor was urged to make a donation on entry or exit. I am christened, but not religious and think of my beliefs as more spiritual. I did spare a thought before I entered, that I may feel slightly uncomfortable or out of place. But inside it was quite different, nothing felt forced. The atmosphere was as you would hope, peaceful and quiet, with individuals acting with respect and dignity.

I will never comprehend quite how they built such masterpieces. How did they erect such a massive structure, how did they manage with such little aid/machinery? This is the base of all my questions, and I guess it is something we all come to wonder. I hope we go on protecting and savouring every last bit of these marvels. They represent our country and our history.

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