Sunday, July 26, 2009

TOO Random Rowntree's

This advert makes me shudder. I had seen it once until I came to write this blog (and so reviewed it again), and I feel even more strongly now. Everything about it is wrong. The concept is fine, but the execution, choice of setting, scenario and perhaps most importantly, character...leaves too much to be savoured to make this acceptable. If the gentlemen's 'warm' and unsettling humour is meant to lift the mood of the rainy day, I think it has worked in quite the opposite way. The atmosphere is eery and awkward.

I'm alright with the script until he begins to leer at the woman driving whilst leaning into the car, calling her 'icecream cone'. The decision to use a dodgy looking jelly saxophone was hardly the best either. The 1/4 second shabby screen freeze prior to the verbal identification of the sweet didn't help, but I'll let that slip as maybe it's just me (!?)

I'm not left thinking of children, a brand I know, happy times, sweet sharing and sugar highs. I think of a creeping looking guy freaking out a lady, acting strangely and awkwardly, almost enough to warrant his arrest! It wasn't funny, not even a bit, it wasn't as the product name was just ridiculously poorly miss-judged. What an error.

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