Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nowhere to start and nowhere to end

I genuinely don't feel I can do this guy justice by describing and breaking down what he does. You absolutely must go to his website as he documents his work in a far more professional, organised and inspirational way, than anyone else ever could do on his behalf. There are no limits to what he can or can't do, whether it be installation, performance, large scale or intricate cut-out. Everything he does is unquestionably, beautiful.

Spend some time on the 'about me', you won't want to miss a thing. PETER CALLESEN:

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  1. I absolutely love them. At first you can't get over the detail and how hard he must have worked to get the right textures out of what is essentially paper?! One of my favorites is how he makes the ruined pillars actually look like worn away stone at the top - incredible.

    Once I got over the technical brilliance, however, I got really into the characters, stories and subtle humour. The foot prints in the snow of two animals made me smile. It has an innocent, gentle quality to it.

    Great Post!