Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Alphabet Britain

Many of you may have seen this article in yesterday's Daily Mail. Being a fan of typography, the abandoned face-up page on the opposite seat of my 4hr train journey, succeeded to keep me amused for a roundabout 5 solid minutes. So now I  may have most of you baffled, here it is for you to absorb;

At first glance, as the author, Marcus Dunk, suggested, intelligent extra terrestrials back to their usual trick of crop circles, sprung to mind. However, this is in fact the  3 day work of a 25 year-old lady from West Yorkshire, who took to searching Google Earth maps as a way of passing time after an accident that left her house bound. She scoured winding rivers, hedges, fields, roads, buildings' anything that might throw up a shape to resemble the 26 letters.

'Q', was apparently the most difficult to find, but after a long search, it was found in the roof at Gatwick Airport. I second Rachel Young's comments that this is a nice way to celebrate our country. 

It reminded me of a typography project I did for AS level graphics which involved creating the alphabet showing sensitivity to a particular theme. For anyone else that did or didn't do this course, it may well be worth trying this for yourself if ever you should fancy spending a few days inside.

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