Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hebden Bridge Art Festival

Running June 26th-July 12th, you better hurry if you want to make it. I was up this weekend and it is proving to be a fortnight packed with art, music, literature, drama and comedy. Being 200 years since the birth of Darwin, some special events have been programmed under the heading 'Evolution, Revolution', and show clear inspiration of Darwin's legacy. Highlights for me were Ruth Padel's work about her great grandfather and Simon Armitage evolving into a popstar.

Browse open studio's, performances, handmade parades and exhibitions. If you make the visit, allow a day or two at least, the amount to see is almost overwhelming, but the extraordinary level of culture and talent leaves you wanting to explore the exact things you would never think you would. A must-do.

(For those at Leeds University, you can get a train from the station straight through, usually the Blackpool North or Manchester Victoria lines. The journey takes a total of about 50minutes).


  1. I've heard Hebden Bridge is a lovely place. I'd love to go but unfortunately I'm stuck in the philistine wasteland that is ye backside of nowhere in Newtownabbey :( Please post some photos if you have some! I'd love to hear about it.

  2. I'll try get some photo's sorted, keep an eye out. It really is beautiful, and your bound to bump into some acting celebrities if that takes you.