Saturday, June 20, 2009

When stocking up for Winter, remember to gather enough for a friend

In birdhouses, flower beds, cactus pots, vegetable patches. Babies as bunnies, ladybirds, caterpillars and garden gnomes. The creations of Anne Geddes, who has said she works on the enchanted concept that fairies communicate with little babies all the time. I am far from the most committed photography fan, but Geddes has a brilliant working mind, and succeeds to pull off almost the unimaginable with the ultimate of charm and magic. Her beautiful and unique collection of images are often complemented in book format, by gentle humorous text and innovative design in the form of cuts, folds and paper flaps. Suits her style, and all the more interesting for us the readers. 

I have owned one of her books 'Down in the Garden', for as long as I can remember, having been given an Anne Geddes doll from a very artistic and informed Uncle! From then, I went all out spending every copper of pocket money on framed prints and merchandise. Her work isn't for everyone, and despite the initial thoughts of many, you certainly don't need to have an unhealthy obsession or love of babies to enjoy what she does. After all, most of the time, their little faces are so content and sleepy, there is honestly nothing for us to dislike.

It would take a day to go over the mass of info on her website, so one particular piece worth taking a good look at is "Peggy's Worm Farm". A little bit of a 'Where's Wally?' format. Over a 6 month period, 55 newborns were photographed individually in their costumes. My only disappointment was that nobody managed to yawn during their photo session. I wanted to find just one 'yawning worm'.

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  1. I think Anne Geddes work is great, like you said not for everyone but its so imaginative yet looks so realistic!

    It's a trademark really because whenever I see a photograph of Geddes you automatically know its one of hers. When you see a copy cat there is just no comparison!