Monday, June 22, 2009

A crush course in art

I found this in the Metro today (Monday 22nd June) on my travels, whilst undertaking some light reading on the bus. Despite it appearing like a hide and seek game for kids, this is far from the latest fad for under eight's. It is the work of Austrian choreographer, Willi Dorner -so remember the name.

Feared burglars or groups of vandals, these performers have even been stopped by Police for their obscure acts. I would literally go so far as to say I adore it, and am certainly not within the proportion of the general public who have been reported to have 'reacted negatively'. I'm tired concerning myself with the principles of health and safety, go for it and challenge the norm I say. But perhaps it is this mix of response which makes it all the more amusing, I'm not sure?

Watch out for Dorner's 'Bodies in Urban Spaces' tour of Europe. One of the images published in the paper (not available online) was based in a cosy Nottingham house. A tiny corridor between the stairs and interior wall. Do it anywhere, anytime. No limits, no restrictions...only, you must be strong and flexible, oh and light so you don't crush your fellow squeezers! Not so much to ask then.

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