Monday, June 22, 2009

A big stir for a big cause

Launched by EU, I'm not sure this was received too well judging from most of the comments left on the youtube page, (particularly page 3). Personally, I am not about to get worked up about the politics of this ad. I would however like to confess how much I consider it a good prompt for an important cause. It has purpose, takes a fresh approach and gets my vote. However, it is true to say I am not the target market as a non-smoker.

Discussion welcome.


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  2. i am a smoker, and this ad to me seems so less effective then the ones targeted at adults who smoke with kids, with the kids saying they are not scared of anything but there dad/mum dieing because they smoke, those adverts give you a sense of guilt and wrong doing, this just seems a bit passive its not telling kids want could happen if they smoke. But again i am guessing i am not the target audience either as it seems aimed at younger people, ie teenagers.