Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thumping New York

Featured in 'The Ridiculant', Metro paper (1st Oct), we are urged to get reminiscent of the wonderful noise made by the school bike sheds with a lump of wood. Or, the tune of a stick dragged along metal railings - I remember that one. I guess we all thought this were passing childhood fads, but there is now a site dedicated to cataloguing all the things on the streets of New York that make a pleasing sound.

'The Thumping Guide to NYC' allows you to get involved, post your own vids and comments. I haven't given a taster here as I think the site is worth exploring, and I wouldn't want to put anyone off with a poor choice. Bollards, traffic cones, steel fences -strum, slap, crash, bang, wallop!...whatever you want. If anyone uploads, let me know here.

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